PCB design

We design pcb (printed circuit board) with Eagle or Target.

In this way we can actively support your hardware development.

Do you have circuits drawed by hand? We produce the eboard suitable for prototypes or production.


We create printed circuit board designs with

  • one layer
  • double layer (2 layers)
  • multilayer (up to 16 layers)

Includes of

  • pick list
  • parts list (using your ERP*)
  • mount prints (*)

* = optional

Printed board geometry (CAD)

Do you need a printed board with specified dimensions?
No problem. We will create a printed board based on your specified dimensions.

supported formats

  • *.dxf
  • *.dwg
  • *.step, *.stp, *.p21
  • *.cdr
  • *.pdf

Please contact us for your request regarding pcb design services.